Comprehensive Contribution Encoder, future ready, enabling All-IP workflows

  • MK CE1

The MK CE1 is designed for Contribution networks requiring a variety of input interfaces alongside supporting an “All IP workflow”. The CE1 appliance is a compact 1RU chassis that offers comprehensive ingest possibilities: Satellite, IP interface and up to 4 SDI inputs.
Leveraging the latest generation MediaKind platform, the MK CE1 offers unique cost benefits: power consumption and cost per channel is drastically reduced compared to other technologies and platforms. The design of this platform helps operators to reduce the power consumption and the cost per encode channel.

Operators deploying the MK CE1 benefit from the flexibility and constant improvements brought by software compression on an efficient platform.

Thanks to the resiliency capabilities of the software and redundancy management through MediaKind Controller, based head-ends exhibit high service uptime and support of best video practices.

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