Unifying advertising & linear rights across broadcast & IP

The Emmy® Award winning* PRISMA solution enables fully unified and standards-based layer between advertising & linear rights business systems (ad decisioning system, traffic & scheduling system) and A/V broadcast and/or IP processing & delivery chains.

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  • Alternate Content & Blackout
  • Linear TV Advertising
  • Targeted TV Advertising

Unifying advertising & linear rights across broadcast & IP


Achieve highest monetization potential with Advanced TV Linear & Targeted Advertising

Full Compliance
with Programmers

Ensure full compliance with programmers’ linear rights agreements & local regulations including most advanced standards (ESNI224)


Leverage industry video & advertising standards


Scaling to millions of consumers and centrally managed with intuitive ‘cockpit style’ dashboards

Ensure full compliancy with Linear Rights Agreements & Local Regulations

Comply with all Programmer policies

Fully flexible blackout policies format ingest (SCTE-224, ESNI-I02, Disney-PCC, csv)

Enforce across entire viewership

Whether content is consumed over “legacy” STB or over IP, distinction ensured between In Home and Out Of Home

Scaling to
your needs

Scalable micro-services based architecture allowing for deployment to be designed according to business need and demand

Protect and optimize Linear TV Advertising revenues

Cost-Optimized Architecture

Combine Aquila solution video transcoding & baseband ad splicing with Prisma Ad serving & ads schedules offline ingest (CCMS/SCTE-118-3)

Protect Existing

Upgrade ‘legacy’ TS ad insertion chain to state of the art fully software based solution with external ad server or to all-in-one ad serving & splicing

Yield & Revenues

Introduce new inventory monetization options (impression-based with VAST, Hybrid)


Unified ABR backbone content delivery across ‘legacy’ main screen STB and OTT second screen audiences

Premium TV inventory activation across all screens and all workflows with a TV-like experience, enriched with qualified audience, to the user.

Enable new advertising revenues

Deliver user-based targeted ads with TV-like Quality of Experience

Optimize Time
to Market

Fully standards based and pre-Integrated with market leading Ads Decisioning Services (ADS)/ Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) vendors


Impression and quartile-based with client or server-side beaconing

Protect audience

Prevent data leakage by securing and shielding audience data

*2020 Emmy® awarded for Pioneering Deployment of the Event Signaling and Management API within the VSPP/PRISMA solution

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